st mark parish

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"He who plants and he who waters work to the same end.  Each will receive his wages in proportion to his toil.  We are God's co-workers, while you are his cultivation, his building."  (1 Corinthians 3:8)

The Garden Group is responsible for:

  • Maintaining our parish gardens, including planting, watering, weeding and pruning.
  • Continue landscaping the labyrinth area.
  • Planning and implementing future beautification efforts.

4 good reasons to join are:

  1. Many hands make light work!
  2. This is an easy way to make friends and make a visible difference to our church.
  3. We appreciate and encourage all skill levels- from "green" beginners to master gardeners and landscapers.  We'd love your help.  Even if you can't kneel or don't like to get your hands dirty, you can still help us with planning and/or fundraising.
  4. Enjoy God's gift of Nature.  Pray or meditate while you work.

Meeting Times:

3rd Wednesday of each month, 7 to 8:30pm

All are welcome!

Annual Events (feel free to volunteer with these activities):

     *  Christmas Cookie Sale (generally the 2nd weekend in December)  This is our main fundraiser of the year. 
In past years we have raised the funds needed for:
Building and landscaping the Labyrinth; renovating the Blessed Mother area; planting a cooper beech tree in front of the Rectory for the 50th anniversary; planting new evergreen trees at the front of the Church; establishing the Woodland Garden (above the Labyrinth); and providing what seems like tons of mulch for the beds.  We also have donated a portion of the Cookie Sale proceeds to St. Mark's Walk With Haiti, the parish general fund and  for the new Church sign in front.
We'd love more cookie bakers and help making the cookie platters the day before the sale.  Watch the bulletin for details.

     *  Spring and Fall Clean-ups:
These are from 9am - 12 noon on a Saturday (announced in the bulletin).  The Garden Group and Buildings and Grounds ask volunteers to help to do a seasonal spruce-up of the Church grounds by raking leaves, pruning and picking up fallen branches.


Julia Gallicchio  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   (860) 388-5186