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o6In 1998, St. Mark’s parish signed a Twinning Covenant with Notre Dame de Lourdes, a parish in Cite Militaire, Port-au-Prince. This covenant binds us to support our sister parish through spiritual, educational and financial activities, to visit each other at least annually whenever possible, and to educate St. Mark parishioners about Haitian people and their culture. The Walk With Haiti committee acts as the liaison between St. Mark’s parish and our sister parish, where Fr. Anicette is the current pastor.

The diocese’s Outreach to Haiti organization acts as our agent in Haiti. They have offices in Norwich and Haiti, ensuring our money gets to where it needs to. They also maintain a “Mission House” in Port-au-Prince where we stay when we go to Haiti. Fr. Frank Rouleau is the Twinning Director.

In the past, St. Mark’s raised many thousands of dollars to build their parish center, and supply benches, chairs, a solar system and inverter, office equipment, school supplies, medical supplies, a truck and most recently, a complete water purification system.

Our current programs are:

  • Scholarships sending 40 children from Notre Dame de Lourdes to school.
  • Monthly food collection that helps feed more than 75 children in Port-au-Prince.
  • Helping graduating students in post-secondary studies.

To make a donation, please send a check (made out to “Walk With Haiti”) to: Walk with Haiti, St. Mark Catholic Church, 222 McVeagh Road, Westbrook, CT 06498.
Walk With Haiti meets on the third Monday of every month, in the Fr. Filip Room inside the church.

Our twinning connection with Haiti has been uniquely valuable as a Church project – bringing together two very different cultures and languages who can communicate in the language of love and mutual respect through the celebration of the Mass, share in the one Eucharist, pray in solidarity with each other, and touch each other’s lives in deep and lasting ways.


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<Fr. Anicette, Fr. Peter & Fr. Rouleau, Sept 2012